The Ultimate Aspen Ski Experience

When my husband and I first started looking at luxury cabin rentals in Aspen, I really did not know what to expect. My version of a cabin and my husband’s was probably different, so I was really excited when he grinned and showed me the cabin that he liked the most. I was so surprised when I saw it, realizing that our views on what a modern should be like are definitely on the same page. I was expecting something extremely rustic and lacking most signs of luxury, but the Roaring Fork cabin has everything a modern luxury home has, and more!

The nice thing about this is that there are three master bedrooms along with a bunk room. Since we like to go on ski vacations with friends, this would be perfect. The two couples going with us each have two children, and the bunk room is plenty big enough to accommodate all four of them. I read the descriptions of each of the rooms, and there really is not one master bed and bath that is better than any of the others. All of them have amazing views, and there are spa features in them as well.

My next favorite part is the kitchen. I love to cook, so seeing the modern kitchen made me so excited to think about the meals I can prepare there for all of us. When I saw that a chef is available to come in and cook a meal for us too, I was really surprised. Though I love to cook, I am definitely taking advantage of that one night too! Knowing that the ski action is just minutes away, and that we can watch people skiing from our rooms, makes this vacation spot the best one ever for people who want the ultimate ski experience in a cozy but luxurious cabin.